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9. An Experiment with Brahmacharya (Category:- Real Experiences)

It's a common misconception among us that Brahmacharya means Celibacy, but actually it's something very vast.
Brahmacharya = Brahman + Charya; which means 'Dwelling in the Supreme Being'. But for this 'Celibacy' is a mandatory Prerequisite. That's why people correlate Brahmacharya with Celibacy and it ends up in identifying both as one and the same. Here we would discuss Brahmacharya in terms of Celibacy.
Brahmacharya is a state which once achieved, makes a human insulated to all the kinds of Vikaras. Once this state is attained, we become free of all the attachments, and attractions. This state makes us more focused to realize the supreme being.

Glory of Brahmacharya:- Our saints and scriptures say that a person who could retain his vital fluids within himself without losing even a single drop of it for 12 years, he becomes an 'Akhand Brahmachari'. For such a being, nothing is impossible. he becomes godly in that very same life.
An Akhand Brahmachari can easily realize God within himself. For him Kundalini raises easily and he achieves vision of the supreme being in his Sahasrara Chakra (crown chakra in his head). Such people can also attain astha siddhis easily.

Examples of people who were Akhanda Brahmachari:-
  • We have Bheeshma in Mahabharata who remained invincible and invulnerable to anything because of his Brahmacharya. In Virat war, Arjuna fires 'Sammohana Astra' and makes everyone senseless. But Bheeshma just enacts as if he was also victimized. Arjuna tells to Uttar not to touch Bheeshma and says that Sammohanastra can't caste any spell on Bheeshma
  • Hanuman, the hero of Ramayana, was a man who faced no defeat in his life. Every work he undertook, success followed him. That's the power of Brahmacharya
  • Lakshmana, another hero of Ramayana, practiced Brahmacharya for 14 years and became akhand brahmachari and that's why he could defeat the unbeatable-Meghnad/Indrajeet
  • Even Adi Shankaracharya, and Swami Vivekananda kind of Saints practiced Brahmacharya and became victorious in their works. They have also sung the glories of celibacy and taught that Brahmacharya is the best gateway to Salvation
'Brahmacharya' does not only mean physical chastity, but it encompasses the following areas. failure in any one of the below items leads to total failure in Brahmacharya.
  1. Brahmacharya in thought:- This is the toughest nut to crack. One can attain physical Brahmacharya by a little practice of Yoga, meditation and Prayers, but erasing the devil inside the mind is not so easy. It requires regular practice, focus, belief and god's blessings to achieve mental brahmacharya
  2. Brahmacharya in word:- We can achieve this by not uttering any bad words or not using any filthy language. This is not very tough. This can be achieved easily if we remain in good company of friends
  3. Brahmacharya in deed:- This is a super set of Physical Brahmacharya. A person who doesn't indulge in adultery and related practices achieves this more than 50%. But also there are some other acts where one has to maintain sanctity. e.g. if we are giving alms to a beggar, we should give it as if we are saying thanks to him/her for giving us an opportunity to help her fight her hunger. We should treat every such opportunity as a chance given by god. One who follows all such good things and makes them his deeds in his/her day to day life; he attains Brahmacharya in deed. It builds character. teaches morals and makes us strong in values

However, to achieve all round celibacy the first and foremost step is to achieve success in Physical Celibacy. But in today's world it's a herculean task to hold your vital fluids within yourself for long. Reason is the corruption of human mind, loss of moral values, and degradation of social and cultural ethics in our society.
Well, we have discussed enough of this theoretically, let me go to practical experiences now.

My Real Life Experience:-
Few months back when i read the glories of Brahmacharya, i became so motivated with it, that i started pushing myself towards the same. For me, by God's grace diversions in thoughts do not occur without my wish. As per the teachings on the same i wanted to attain Akhanda Brahmacharya which of course takes 12 years of hard work and if i marry i can't attain the same. But till that time if i can follow this path i would be the happiest person on the earth. For this, foremost thing is, not to allow the vital fluids to get wasted since this is the fluid which makes or mars one's spiritual life. This liquid when held within, shows you the path of salvation and on the other hand if released out, leads you to the doorstep of hell. So for me the first important thing was to close the tap completely. By god's grace i was successful for a week to 10 days. But again when the kundalini energy gets excessively accumulated in the Muladhara Chakra, and we do not know how to transmute it, metabolism of our body, in order to regulate and maintain itself, leaks it out without our permission in our deep sleep. So, to avoid such embarrassments i was searching for some techniques to transmute the excess energy which gets formed gradually in our body. I found the following tricks in Orkut forums (Thanks to Dr. Gandhi) which proved highly helpful for me to achieve my goal.

Sure Fire Techniques:-
Below are listed some sure fire techniques to achieve physical Brahmacharya.

Ashwini Mudra Method:-
  1. Contract your anus and hold it as long as possible
  2. While you are holding the anus contracted, make your sexual energy located at the lower Chakras to move up towards and into your head .this can be done by moving your attention along the spine upwards repeatedly and trying to feel for the energy moving up the spine.
  3. If at first, even if you don't feel any thing; continue, gradually after some days you will really perceive the energy moving up your spine with this technique
  4. Repeat this tracking the energy up the spine 30-60 times, while holding the anus contracted through out the whole procedure (for me doing 5-10 tracking(s) itself works fine. This may vary from one individual to another)
  5. Do this daily to maintain Brahmacharya easily. By doing this technique daily i found that any unfavorable circumstance out side ,cannot disturb my Brahmacharya.
  6. Some amount of energy in lower Chakras is required for daily work (yogis say that for every work, some amount of energy is drawn from the base of spine). Don't over do this transmutation because excess transmutation will cause weakness , 30-60 tracking(s) up is alright and doesn't cause weakness for some people. It may vary from person to person
  7. Also doing this before sleeping will surely prevent wet dreams
  8. This technique will keep the mind pure and you will notice a considerable decrease in lust
  9. After doing this technique if you have time, try doing some sort of meditation at least for 10 minutes. 'Bhramari Mudra of Pranayama gives great peace to mind, I do this and find my mind totally settled and find great peace). Meditation is not compulsory, but it's nice to have thing. Doing meditation will remove any feeling of tiredness you may get if you do excess transmutation. And also meditation helps transmutation of sexual energy according to literature

Tibetan rite 6 Method (very spontaneous and results oriented):-

With this technique, even with out trying to move the sexual energy up, as with Ashvini Mudra technique , you could feel the energy moving up spontaneously after doing this rite 6.
The purpose of the Tibetan rite 6 exercise is to redirect the excess of sexual and reproductive energy, generated by the activity of the base Chakra (Muladhara) to all higher Chakras along the spine.
The technique is as follows:
Deep Breathing:

  1. Stand comfortably and exhale as you bend from the waist, placing your hands on your knees
  2. Expel the last bit of air from your lungs and without taking in new breath, return to an erect position
  3. Place your hands on your hips, with fingers to the front and press as hard as you can while sucking in the abdomen
  4. This will raise your shoulders and chest. While holding in the abdomen, also squeeze the pubococcygeal muscle* up to emphasize the upward thrust
  5. Hold this position and bring your closed eyeballs to the point between the eyebrows so that all this lower Chakric energy will rise up to the highest centers
  6. When you must take a breath, breathe in through your nose and then exhale through the mouth as you drop your arms down to your sides to relax
  7. Take in several normal breaths through the nose and mouth before beginning again

Pubococcygeus* muscle is that muscle which helps in stopping the urination in between. Try to see the working of it while you urinate and trying to stop the stream in between.
According to Lamas this exercise should NOT be practiced excessively, otherwise this exercise does more harm than benefit, by draining the energy from the base Chakra. As per Dr. Gandhi's experience, if you do this exercise excessively you will experience weakness and a feeling of inability to express emotions. Doing this exercise once or twice a day doesn't cause any of these side effects. Before sleeping, I do this exercise 5 times and I feel comfortable with it. Try to find out by experimenting how frequently you can do this exercise with out these side effects

Final word:-

The above methods shield you when you are awake and also expected to shield when you are asleep also. But to be on safer side, i also pray to god before sleeping to protect me from all evil and keep monitoring me. Prayers to God have really helped me on top of those methods. I feel very much peaceful, focused, and happy to have no Vikaara. Brahmacharya gives a very good feeling. It makes us free from all diversions, our mind remains focused on our work, uplifts us spiritually to higher plains, and gives a divine level of peacefulness.

I'm thankful to god in helping me through out the way and still he is helping in all the ways. "Love you my Lord Shiva!! I'm always grateful to you for showing me this great path. Let me never aberrate from this path and let me finally reach you".


  1. Nice article. This portal should be interesting to wannabe brahmachari's. The past answers here are worth reading ~ Mark

  2. thank you i was searching for the 'key' to lock wet dreams thank you.

    1. wet dreams continue till you dont dwell in thought of brahman... if you are christian think of jesus , muslim khuran and hindu ramayana.. no shortcuts to achieve a perfect state of celibacy.. control the thought wave and it should be 0hz.. This is what saints of high states have said.. you should not target celibacy to achieve celibacy.. you should achieve by restraining the thought wave

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  4. thanx a lot !! i will try to follow sm of ur tips !

  5. brahmacharya can only be assured (for men), if they are willing to part company with the phallus (severe it). for the record, i will do exactly this to preserve my dignity, sovereignty and power. love is a is the matrix! brahmacharya forever!!!

    1. Dear anonymous friend,

      Your understanding of Brahmacharya is wrong. You would NOt achieve Brahmacharya by severing your phallus. Lust lies in the brain, in your thoughts, it is the Mind which triggers action into the phallus. SO, phallus is just an instrument, but cause is always the brain.

      To achieve Brahmacharya you need to learn controlling your mind, for that you need to control your vision from seeing dirty things, you need to control your ears from eharing dirty talks, you need to control your skin (hands etc) from touching women, and you need to practice austerities, meditation and mind control and dispassion; then only you would be able to achieve brahmacharya.

      had it really been so simple as you think by severing one's phallus one could achieve brahmacharys; then it would have been so simple to do this feat.

      Please do not do Himsa (violence) on your own self.

    2. this the foolish method.. it is like you destroy the full building for fire in the top floor. Lust is the primemover of illusion and you cannot control lust by doing some wrong physical treatment.. control mind lie in sachitananda plane to become so.. it is hard but it is a one time war

  6. Thanks so much, I wish I can find someday my own guru but its impossible in my country, here catholic religion is dominant :( so little vedic knowledge, what can I do??

    1. Friend,

      Don't worry. Keep up the yearning for Vedic studies alive. The God present within you will eventually guide you.

    2. :), i will.... but, is it beacuse of my bad deeds that im alone in this path now?; im not looking for money or even happiness, i want to be useful and do my work just for others. I fell so little and dumb :(, please can you pray for me, im a teacher and i really want to give this holy knowledge to my students!

      Thanks so much, thanks GOD for holy people.!

    3. Dear friend,

      Don't feel little for yourself, because your message speaks that you are not little. My prayers to god are with you. May god bless you with all the necessary Vedic knowledge to stride the Vedic path.

    4. Intent urge for having a guru is the prerequisite of find out sadguru. So keep on searching and you will find Him one day. Thanks.

  7. it's very nice. i have a doubt. does brahmacharya help only guys to unite with God and not girls? I believe that girls do not produce sperm and they cannot stop menstruation either. so the spirituality is just for guys and of no help to girls?

    1. Girls do not need to take this much of pain. females are naturally gifted with enormous amount of self control. males lack that. Females if they wish, they can easily attain high state of spirituality because they are also naturally gifted with determination.
      men have lot many shortcomings and they need lot of efforts to attain to high spiritual seat.

  8. Thanks Lot for this artlcle .I am Obliged after reading this good article. God Bless you for writing such a nice things which surely leads the young generation to new height.

    vakharia M J

  9. thanks a lot santosh kumar,
    i also read ur article it is the perfect article that i was finding
    i m thankfull to the all the readers of this article
    that in 21 century where western culture is becoming our culture i m thankfull to all the reader
    bramhacharya is the power that has no definition indefinite power
    the main controller is brain and mind if thoughts are pure than u will not speak listen or do any thing dirty and by following this way of our rishi parampara u will come to a stage where u will get what u demand becoz it is no.1 vrat which is most difficult for a common man
    it doesnt mean we should hate girls or women when such a dirty thoughts comes in mind because of environment for e.g. fashionable girl we should think it is my sister and it is my duty to protect my sister so it is very easy convert your thoughts not to fight with thoughts

  10. i'm 21 yrs old. i have a doubt, i hv been wasting the fluid for last few years, but for last 4 month i successed in controling the urge, if i kept practing it till marriage, can i regain my lost physical, mental, and spiritual health.?

    1. Dear friend, felt good to know that you have succeeded in self-restraint for past 4 months. Good job keep it up! Vital fluid is none other that "Rudra (Shiva)" in liquid form(read Atharvasiras Upanishad for details). It is that Rudra who propagates himself as progeny from father to son. therefore wasting that Supreme being is not good. It's a divine tool which gives us the capacity to "create" like Brahma. Hence we need to realize the importance of retaining that supreme life giving substance which is Mahadeva in minute form.

      IMHO yes, one can regain one's spiritual, mental and physical health by preserving the vital fluid at any given point of time. I have an example to cite in this context.

      Sage Vishwamitra did severe penance to gain "Brahma-Rishi" post. Indra sent Apsaras to test him and to make him fail in his effort. Rambha, urvashi failed to deviate his attention. Finally Menaka came and seeing her amorous advances and enchanting beauty he slipped and he united himself with her, and fathered Shakuntala. With this his spiritual seat fell down however,realizing this he again started his severe penance and with greater self-restraint and finally achieved his wish and became a brahma-rishi.

      Hope this helps!

      God bless!

  11. Great people like swami vivekanda and and all celibates in history died at an early age.
    That is why it is adviced to keep our sexual satisfaction at moderation.
    And this contradicts with this subject. Pl. Give your view regarding this.

    1. He did not die. He left his body through yoga. Read sister nivedita's statements

  12. sir, i m practicing brahmacharya from six months but my problem is about wet dreams.I'm suffering from wetdreams .I'm not thinking about opposite sex.My thoughts are all about strength.I'm practicing high for physical strength doing core exercise and yoga.But these wet dreams making me weak.How can i control my vitalfluid? I'm loosing my fluid in unconsciuos state.what is the reason for these type of emissions and how can i cure it

    1. Just pray to god to help you in your samkalpam. You can control things only in wakeful state, after that it's beyond your efforts. Upto certain level you can put your efforts, but on top of that eswara's anugraham is also required.

      puruSha-prayatnam and bhagawadAnugrahaM gives success and prosperity.

    2. there is a procedure to do it. You should not stop the bad and dirty thoughts without practicing yoga.else it will create ill effects. if you hammer cold iron it will not bend it will develope interior cracks. Only way is to heat and hammer it to bend. Yoga makes a mind sensitive. After making mind sensitive like heated metal you can hammer good thoughs on it. After you do it for 3-4 years, you will get a very nice experience. The experience is as follows-
      when a dirty though comes in mind, make the good end to it from your side. example, if you get dirtiest thought let it come, try to say good inside mind like - this body is physical matter with insects and home to a supreme life. when you sleep in the night bad thoughts will come in the dream, however one day will come when you get a dirty dream but at the end of the dream in sleep, you will repeat the same words- this body is physical matter with insects and home to a supreme life. at this stage you will not ejaculate. And this is the end of your suffering. After this day practise yoga more hard and you will not get wet dream. This is through experience. good thoughts should come in the dream at the end of dirty dream. your dream problem will be solved.

    3. And yes one thing I forgot. you will get bad thoughts till end even if you practise yoga. However, thoughts are not wrong their effects are wrong. even if thoughts come, their effect will not create wet dream or any ill effect. Because when a table or chair comes in front of you, mind thinks this is chair or table. in the same way when woman comes in front of you, mind thinks this is woman. And there is nothing wrong in that. yoga gives an ability to remove attention from one object to other very fast. In the later stage of yoga when you are thin woman and if someone put a chair in front of you mind will immediately remove attention from woman to the chair. this is the difference between yogi and the one who is not. the one who does not practise yoga, can not remove complete attention from objects.

  13. I will tell U that...... It's very difficult to attain the state where u completely forget about sex.... And u follow the yoga with pure heart.. . This is the true Brahmacharya.... .. . Exception is vain.. .

    1. It is difficult only if you identify with the body. Read Ramana Maharshi's teachings. Drop the association with the body and brahmacharya will come naturally.

  14. My brothers,
    Brahmcharya is very very important, as semen or shuka is directly formed from the finest blood made from the very food that we eat. Any wastage of this soma or elixir in any form will have direct degrading effect on body's immunity, life expectancy and mental intelligence. One drop of semen is formed from 40 drops of blood. So, let us pray to the omnipresent God, that we shall be the beacon of awareness for all our brothers and sisters, in this age of madness, Kaliyuga.

  15. Brother i dont masturbate neither i let lust to enter my brain i keep myself busy in work but still have nightfall after every 10th day. I am also having negative thinking now about life ( sucide thoughts) i can not concentrate after reading your blog i tried to do ashwini mudra but have constipation now how should i transmutate my sexual energy to overcome this type of hell life please suggest me other methods.

    1. Don't do that mudra for few days i think it should bring everything to normal. How many times did you do that mudra? Don't overdo it. max 3 times is OK to do i think for you. For the past many months, for me 1-2 or max 3 tries work fine. I stopped doing more than that.

      Also, don't bother too much on life events. I suggest you to get yourself attached with your fav. form of god and behave like a child with him/her - talk to them for sometime, tell him/her whatever problems you are facing and talk about the possible solutions that come to your mind and discuss everything with him/her as if you do with your closest/best friend. This would surely, get you god's grace and also would show a path to get you rid of all your tensions. believe me, god listens! I do the same, I talk to god's photoes whenever i have anything to discuss (good also not necessarily always bad only), I tell him/her as if i tell my mother/father/best friend, and then i feel immensely happy. i am always happy. :-)

      So, getting connected with God is your immediate need to get out of your suicidal tendencies. Remember, bro, suicide is not a solution for anything. You need to think before giving up, what was that factor for which you had hung up till now? And if for these many years you had something motivating you to live, you should consider that as weighing more than a sudden flash of decision of committing suicide.....Remember, giving up is not something for which you came here. Get up! Fight! and you would be victorious (but don't forget to keep God informed about everything that you want to do and ask for help)...

  16. My age is 17 and I want to become an follow path of akhanda brahmacharya I am studying in school .....and a pcm my question is that for following akhanda brahmacharya first we have to take sanyassa

    1. The path of Brahmacharya is threefold -
      1) brahmacharya in thought
      2) brahmacharya in word
      3) brahmacharya in deed

      It may be possible to master the 2) and 3) but the most difficult is 1). Moreover, Brahmacharya is not just abstaining from contactw ith women, but it means 'charya in the brahman' - whcih rought means - dwelling in the brahman (Supreme Being) always. Fitting all these ways if one can live, he/she can become akhanda-brahmachari. However, sanyasa is NOT a mandate for that - Hanuman, Bhishma, Ashwathama were not sanyasis.

      Having said that - for Kaliyuga the best path is to go through gruhastha-ashrama and slowly towards the old age cast aside all desires and live like a sanyasi in one's own home itself. Absolute brahmacharya is very much dificult in kaliyuga and even a slight slippage in thought would fail the mission - hence best is to be a karma-yogi - being a householder living a dharmic life doing every action considering it as dharma and not for any personal benefit - would be the best path.

  17. I was porn addicted and abused myself until my college which took a huge toll on my studies, health and made me hopeless and other effects like seeking solitude, severe anxiety, fearful,etc. until one day i realized where my life is going. Finally I started slowly restraining myself. In the beginning after 3 days my head felt like exploding but somehow I managed to overcome it and by reading spiritual books and slowly cutting out my bad habits I started making significant progress towards brahmacharya. I failed many times but always kept trying and the result is I've conquered to a greater extent fear, anxiety, lust, illness, etc. I can now think clearly, speak better, physical strength and immunity increased.

    The basic of brahmacharya is who is controlling who? If you are controlling your mind or your mind controlling you? One who has conquered his mind can conquer anything he desires. I've still many miles to go to master brahmacharya, hope god keeps helping me in my journey to conquer self and liberate myself from the sufferings.

    1. Well done vikas.,.best of luck...

    2. dont think of old things and let the new proceedings ruin.. old things are old things..but i wont say it will reap its negative effects.. but just be patient and watch the thought wave carefully. you will toppled all of sudden if you are not vigilant.. this vigilance comes by bhakti toward God..