Friday, February 12, 2010

18. Dwadasakshari Veerabrahmendra Jeevana Charitra Stotram (Category:- Poetry)

I have moved my poetry to a separate blog altogether in order to give them a distinct place to flourish. This particular post has been moved to the following location.

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  1. Santosh i would like to inform you that, i did not even read through a single paragraph of the poem. I could make out what it meant noticing at the letters in bold in the begining of the each para and to my surprise when i read the footnotes it was correct :-)

  2. Dear Anonymous friend,

    Kudos! Very good. :-)

  3. HI there,

    Can anyone send me the information about the " dwadasakshari vidya" on my email


  4. @ Hrishiwagh,

    To read more about Dwadasakshari Mantra please visit my another blog: