Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3. What's the Abode of the Lord? (Category:- Philosophical)

We usually hear people saying,

Lord Shiva is Smashaan Vaasi (cremation ground) etc....etc...

Now a question arises, how can a person who resides in identifiable no. of places be a God/Supreme lord?

On the other hand, lord Shiva's 108 names (Astottara Sata namavali) calls him by a name "Om JagadVyapine Namah". Which hails him saying that he is the one who is All Pervading and Omnipresent, and is indeed spread across the universe and beyond!!

Contradictions in the scriptures of Hinduism. isn't it??
If you nodded your head as "yes", then you are mistaken! Let me explain how.

Let's analyse the matter a bit further. Let's first understand the definition of "Smashaan/Cremation ground".
Cremation ground is a place where dead bodies are burnt/burried. In simple words where bodies become one with the soil.
We have distinct creamation grounds for humans where we burn/bury the deceased people. That means all other places are pious/sacred/pure and not smashaana? Certainly Not!!

Where do we bury/burn dead bodies of birds,rats, ants, insects, bees, snakes, lizards and so on? We never do. they become one with the soil whichever place they fall dead on earth.
On similar lines, where do we bury/burn fishes, octopus, sharks, whales, and frogs etc kind of beings? Again there is no particular cremation ground for them. They all get burried wherever they fall dead (ocean).

So, now do you agree with the point that entire earth is a cremation ground (smashaana)? Doesn't that imply that Lord Shiva exists in every iota of Earth?

Now coming to Space. Our macrocosm is not inert. it contains many living particles. (Virus is a living particle which doesn't need atomosphere for its existence). Also, we have been witnessing UFO(s) and hence we believe that aliens DO exist outside the earth. Also we believe that any one who is born has a death for sure. So be it living particles/microbes/aliens everything dies even outside the earth. So even the cosmos is not an exception from becoming a Grave yard/Smashaana/Cremation ground. Isn't this correct?

Then doesn't the above analysis get us to a conclusion that entire universe is a smashaana and the one lord Shiva who resides in Smashaana actually pervades the entire universe?

So abode of God is not a single place. God is spread accross the cosmos, permeates through the minutest to mega objects and lives in every iota of space. God is everywhere!

P.S:-In order to explain the concept, i have used example of lord Shiva. Vishnu devotees, please note that Vishnu itself means "All Pervading"!!

Credits:-This explanation is written by me with the inspiration from the discource of Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao on Bhakti TV in Maheswara vaibhavam programme. Idea belongs to him, words and explanation belongs to me.

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