Friday, February 12, 2010

12. Real Guru..Real Shishya Mystification (Category:-Real Experiences)

Today (09th March 2010) i read a news topic in 'Yahoo India News' portal, titled "Swamis and Scandals". The list of recent scandals done made me feel little depressed today.

This is pathetic on the part of our nation to see such cases happening on the land which has been giving birth to Universal teachers (Jagad Gurus).

  • Yoga, Meditation Discovered and Developed in India by Sage Patanjali. Now entire world follows this Indian Science and gets benefitted.
  • Self realization techniques through Kundalini or Shat Chakra were also first experienced by many Sages of india and till date it's popular in india and abroad
  • Vedas are the ancient scriptures known to mankind, a product of India
  • Advaita Concept (Non Dualism) taught by Adi Shankaracharya of India which proved that there is only one God
  • Sree Veera Brahmendra Swami authored kalagyana Grandha (Book of Future Predictions) which lists down all the calamities destined to happen in this age of Kali. Many have happened accurately as predicted, and many are yet to happen. He is the Nostradamus of India. Nostradamus' predictions failed many times, but kalagyana never failed. Such jagad Gurus were again from india

In a country where we have Gurus like them, we also have a list of perfect Desciples like,
Swami Vivekananda, Siddhaiyya, and many more historical charecters who later on became the successors of their Gurus and have registered their names under the category of great gurus.

But unfortunately in today's date India is in such a painful state where there is no knowledge; everywhere prevails one thing, "Confusion! "

Sree Veera Brahmendra Swami had already predicted in his kalagyana that in the age of kali, there would be dearth of real Gurus and Real Shishyas. He said, people would get confused to identify between real and fake godmen. Even a person capable of becoming a true Shishya would get confused whom to consider his/her spiritual master, and likewise a real guru would also be in the same dilemma whom to give proper knowledge!

His prediction has come really to be true today. Of course it's not a case which happened today, it's been experienced many times in past as well, in this Kali Age. How true were the words/predictions of Sree Brahmendra Swami!

Today when i switch over to any devotional TV channel, i find many people sitting and preaching something or the other. Just having a Grey colored beard, and wearing saffron doesn't make anybody a Saint. So called Saints who have won the hearts of many people through deception have been unmasked by the media recently. Everyone has their own life to live. But i condemn such acts which they did hiding behind the name of God. It reminds me of a saying in Hindi which goes, "Muh mein Ram, bagal me Choori". It means, "Name of Rama on the Lips and a Knife/dagger in the pocket".

These fake swamijis win the hearts of gullible people by their self proclaims and 'fake but highly decorated' preachings, and later on stoop down to cases like Abduction, Rape and Murder. They wouldn't get anything out of it but ultimately it adversely affects the image of our great nation.

Now tell me after reading the below list of cases, hereafter who would believe and follow a Guru for spiritual knowledge? Would you?

I would say, I don't need to look out for another Guru since i already have my standard list of Gurus listed below who are sinless and bestow the ultimate wisdom with little efforts from our side.
My Gurus are the trinity,
Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva ........1
My Gurus are the Lords,
DakshinaMurthy and Hayagriva ........2
My Gurus are Adi Shankaracharya
And Veera Brahmendra Swami ........3
My Guru matas are the great Goddesses,
Parvati, Saraswati and Lakshmi .......4

Even if i have to realize my own self, i would pray to them and practice on my own rather than approaching a fake godman.

I suggest my fellow humans/readers of this post not to fall prey blindly to the fake self proclaimed godmen. If you listen to their teeachings, listen; but make your own intuition as 'Meru mountain', churn their teachings with the Snake called as 'Logic' and then drink the selective outcome of this scrutiny as the divine milk of knowledge!!

We have numerous amount of scriptures in our Hindu Dharma like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Kavitvams done by great poets etc. I would say, those scriptures are enough to teach us divine wisdom and make us truthful. One simple thing i would like to mention is,

"Always Follow and Protect Dharma, Live for Dharma, Do Dharma in all your deeds". That's it!

That's the simplest path for Liberation in this fake world of trecheries and deceit!".
Remember friends, "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah", means 'if you protect Dharma, Dharma will protect you'.

Just for information, here is a list of fake gurus and their scandals compiled by Yahoo news. let's have a glance on the same and understand the current pathetic situation of this great country.

  1. Swami Paramhansa Nityanand: The founder of the Nityanand mission, which claims to have 1,000 branches across 33 countries, has been untraceable since certain Tamil TV channels recently aired a video which allegedly shows him in a compromising position with a Tamil actress. Nityanand, who has ashrams in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Puducherry, hails from Tamil Nadu and has a sprawling ashram in Bidadi, 30 km from Bangalore. He claims to lead a worldwide movement for meditation and peace. Lenin Karuppan, a former disciple, has said that he shot the video to expose the swami. Lenin has alleged that his life has been under threat from the swami, adding that he also suspected foul play behind the death of a woman inmate a year ago. In the complaint filed with Chennai City Police Commissioner T Rajendran, Lenin, who claimed to be an inmate of the ashram in Bangalore since 2006, said the swami used to lure young women devotees claiming that he was the reincarnation of Lord Krishna.
  2. Anup Kumar Sahay: A self-proclaimed godman in Ghaziabad, he was booked on Sunday for abducting his cousin. According to a complaint filed by Subha Srivastava, mother of the victim, the accused along with his brother Ashok Kumar Sahay abducted her daughter Priyanka Srivastava on February 15. The self-proclaimed godman has been booked under sections 363, 313 and 366 of the IPC which pertain to kidnapping and forcing a woman to undergo abortion without her will.
  3. Kripaluji Maharaj: Ram Kripal Tripathi aka Kripaluji Maharaj, at whose ashram near Pratapgarh in UP 63 people died in a stampede last week, was charged with kidnapping and rape in two cases in Nagpur in 1991. He was acquitted after the witnesses turned hostile. He was arrested in 2007 after a Guyanese woman in South Trinidad filed a rape case against him.
  4. Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale: Shiv Murti Dwivedi alias Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale (39), a self-styled godman, was arrested by the Delhi Police last month on charges of operating a high-profile sex racket involving former airhostesses and students.
  5. Asaram Bapu: Two minor boys of the Asaram Ashram-run gurukul in Ahmedabad were found dead in the Sabarmati riverbed two days after they mysteriously went missing from the gurukul in February 2008. The police booked Asaram Bapu in a criminal case pertaining to attempt to murder last year in December on the basis of a complaint filed by Raju Chandak, a former disciple of Asaram. Chandak was shot at by two persons on December 5 and he sustained injuries on his chest and shoulders. Chandak alleged that he was targeted at the behest of Asaram, as he had testified before the D K Trivedi Commission probing into the death of the two boys.
  6. Jayendra Saraswati: The influential Kanchi math Shankaracharya was arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police in Mehboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh in November 2004 in connection with the murder of a former accountant of the math.
  7. Santosh Madhavan: The temple priest-turned-astrologer wanted by the Interpol - was arrested in Alappuzha in May 2008. Apart from a Rs 50 lakh fraud case that has a Dubai-based businesswoman as the complainant, Madhavan, who had turned himself into Swami Amritachaitanya presiding over a posh ashram and flaunting high connections in the state's political circle and the bureaucracy, was also charged with raping a 15-year-old girl repeatedly.
  8. Premananda: Also known as Trichy Sai Baba, he was awarded life imprisonment in 1994 for two terms on the charges of multiple criminal offenses including rape and murder. Premananda, who reportedly had powerful supporters in the AIADMK, had not only raped many of the inmates of his ashram at Trichy but also carried out crude medical terminations of some of the consequent pregnancies with the help of a couple of associates. He was also charged with the murder of an engineer who had opposed the nefarious activities at the ashram.

As i already mentioned earlier that, everyone has his own life, whatever way they enjoy/spoil, doesn't matter.
But no one has the rights to spoil the faith of others thereby indirectly ruining their lives.

There are two categories of Spirituality Seekers, viz.

  1. One who are gifted and know how to reach god. They are go getter, they would read standard scriptures, develop devotion and reach the supreme on their own
  2. People who are interested to reach the divine, but do not know the means, or can't understand the scriptures

For the first category of people, there is no need for any spiritual guidance. They would never fall prey to fake god-men, since they understand scriptures, they have their own logic built by them, and traverse their spiritual path holding the finger of the God directly.

The latter class is highly sensitive. They would have a strong desire to reach the divine. But they need someone to carry them to the supreme. They tend to search for God-men/Spiritual masters for learning. They can't apply their logic and usually end up believing blindly what the masters say. This is the class of people who are vulnerable and stand as the objects of deception.

Now let's come to the Spiritual masters' side and discuss their responsibilities.

A spiritual master is not alone. he can't decide his lifestyle on his own. He has many gullible souls who invest their faith in him thinking he would be their savior. Hence he can not think he is free/alone. He has to think 101 times before making any attempt to fulfill his personal desires (carnal/Monetary/corruption/Political/whatever..).
He should think of the repercussions of his actions on his followers' lives since faith once broken, it gives irreversible loss. people who invest their faith, should be handled very delicately and one should be very responsible .

My intuition concludes, one who is alone, has no burden, but when one is being followed by a mass, he has the basic responsibility to carry their faith and burden to lead them to their destiny! In such a case one can't decide his life on his own. So he should be extra careful about all his actions and repurcussions.

Now, it's high time. We need to realize the basic difference between real & fake, and we should try to protect the fabric of our Indian Heritage from getting damaged due to such Godmen!!


  1. Dear Santhosh, Thanks for the comment. You are obviously a sensitive soul vibrating to the great truths of Sanatana Dharma. But please don't dilate on the fake godmen...Our times spawn fakes in many fields...spirituality is one of them. The English media likes to think of much of India's religious experience as worthy of derision. No wonder it goes on and on denigrating it. Even true spiritual seekers lose sight of the path. What then about people who were never spiritual in the first place. We can only start with ourselves. The true spiritual experience of one person will spark a light in millions. Regards..

  2. Dear Vamanan,

    Thanks for your valuable points. But i would like to explain thoughts mehind my statements for clarification...

    You are correct to some extent. But my point is, if someone has taken the responsibility of leading others' lives to the supreme abode, he has no right to decide his own lifestyle.
    e.g. I can't preach glories of Brahmacharya to others and myself indulge in fulfillment of carnal desires. I can't commit murders while teaching someone to develop brotherhood and peacefulness. That not only spils my image, but also breaks the faith of those tender hearted followers whose hearts would get wounded beyond repair.

    that's what my point was. But yes i very well agree with your point that corruption is in all fields not only in spiritualism. But i feel spiritual leaders being 'Leaders' cannot disown the responsibilities what they have undertaken.

  3. Here are the Real Guru and disciple at
    Are you competent enough to understand the true Guru and disciple? Visit this website. Thank you.

    1. No sir. I am not competent enough to understand true guru and disciples. And not ready to learn from you either. :)

    2. Ok. Wait for the time....
      If our wisdom is lame it is not good to blame others.

    3. Thanks for the advise! However my previous comment was a satire and ironical. How could you understand that I am incompetent to understand a true guru and true disciple? (remember you questioned me "Are you competent enough to understand the true Guru and disciple?")

      My gurus are many - Gangaputra Bhishma, Lord Sri Rama, Sri krishna, Veerabrahmendra Swami, Adi Shankara, Tiru gyana sambandar, Prahalada, Suka, Markandeya, Hanuman, Atharvana Maharshi, Svetaswatara Maharshi
      And also my mothers Parvati, Lakshmi, saraswati and my fathers Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma; and finally and most importantly my own cognition, my own Atman (the brahman, the Shiva)!

      These are my Gurus. And I am their true disciple. do you think I need anyone else?

    4. You can only be Their devotee. But you cannot be Their disciple. First understand the difference between a devotee and a disciple before you talk if you are proud of your truth.

  4. You misunderstood me. I do not want to argue as there is no end for arguments. Good luck to you! May your karmas fructify soon!

    1. I'm sorry if i misunderstood you. Chill! Written communication has no emotions hence is prone to misunderstandings sometimes. So, let's forget all the past.

      May god bless you with all the choicest and best things in life. May you gain brahmajnana !!

      Om namah Shivaya!